2 Ladies Painting Pineapples


Create an acrylic painting in just 2 hours with step-by-step instruction. All students paint the same subject but you’ll be surprised at how different the finished products look when each person brings their own unique style to the canvas. Great class for beginners, but everyone can enjoy it!  You’re welcome to bring your own beverages.

CLICK HERE to see a current list of available subjects. 

Art Journaling at One by One Design Studio

Art Journaling


This class will provide an awesome practice for any artist, whether you are just getting started or you’ve been at it for years. The pages of a mixed media book provide a place to unleash creativity, experiment with different ideas, practice with a new color palette, combine prose with paint…and so much more!

leaf drawing

Drawing is FUNdamental
Sketch & Sip

Drawing is a skill that gives you the framework to create work you love in your medium of choice. Learn to really “see” your subject and build an understanding of the basics including how to use line, shading, space, shape, perspective and much more. Get an introduction to a variety of tools for drawing and have lots of fun practicing from still life set-ups and photographs.

Glass Painting
(wine glassES & beer mugS)

Create your own personalized drinkware to use at home or to give as a special gift. Decide what you want to paint and I will help you design the artwork using templates and your favorite color palette. Most classes include 2 pieces – wine glasses or beer mugs.

wood sign painting
Wood sign & BLOCK Painting

Create an inspirational or humorous piece of home decor to give as a gift or to display in your own space. There are a mind-boggling number of options that incorporate different sizes of wood surfaces with today’s most popular sayings. Different paint techniques, vinyl and/or stencil applications will be taught depending on the project selected for the  class or party.

Painted Canvas Tote Bags
Canvas Tote Painting

Reuse these durable (approx 16″ x 16″) canvas tote bags over and over as beach or grocery bags, a cute accessory and more…The options are endless! Choose from a variety of stencils or create a custom design for your bag.

Teen Art Club 2


(Ages 13-18)

Teens can bring art projects they are currently working on and enjoy a creative brainstorm with their peers while learning about the elements of art and completing pieces suitable for their portfolio.

Art Fun 4 Kids


(Ages 6-12)

Kids will learn about famous artists and experiment with a variety of mediums, bringing home their masterpieces the same day.

mommy and me art class


  (Ages 2-5)

Tots accompanied by their parent, grandparent or other favorite adult by their sides, will be introduced to the elements of art while experimenting with a variety of materials that excite the senses!